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Figure 4

From: Effect of 5-azacytidine and galectin-1 on growth and differentiation of the human b lymphoma cell line bl36

Figure 4

Immunoblotting of p16 and Gal1 from extracts of BL36 treated by AzaC. After different periods of treatment by AzaC, cell extracts were separated by SDS-PAGE, followed by electrophoretic transfer onto Immobilon-P membranes and immunostaining with (A) anti-pl6, or (B) anti-Gal1 monoclonal antibodies. Hela cells extract and rGal1 were used as positive controls for p16 and Gal1, respectively. (C) Representation of the variation of Gal1 expression in cells treated different times with 5 or 10 mM AzaC, using the analysis of the Western blots in Molecular Analyst software.

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