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Figure 5

From: Effect of 5-azacytidine and galectin-1 on growth and differentiation of the human b lymphoma cell line bl36

Figure 5

Immunoreactive localization of Gal1 in AzaC-treated BL36 cells. Cytospins were incubated with anti-Gal1 serum and peroxidase-stained (original magnification 1250×). First line: negative controls performed on untreated BL36 cells. No Gal1 was detectable with anti-Gal1 antibody. Second line: permeabilized cells treated cells stained with monospecific anti-Gal1 antibody; arrows indicate the localization of Gal1. Third line: after 144 h, Gal1 was detectable on the cell surface of nonpermeabilized cells. No immunostaining was observed with controls performed with preimmune serum (not shown).

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