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Table 2 IPA network 1 of ABC-1 cell

From: Comparison of lung cancer cell lines representing four histopathological subtypes with gene expression profiling using quantitative real-time PCR

Cell Genes in network Score Focus genes Top functions
ABC-1 AGER, Ap1, ↑ BEX1, CDC42EP5, ↑ CDH1, Ck2, deoxycholate, ↑ DUSP4, ERK, ↓ FOSL1, ↑ FOXG1, FSH, FXYD5, GDF15, HMGA1, Il8r, ↑ ISL1, Jnk, LCN2, MAD2L2, Mapk, MGAT3, MKP2/5, NFkB, PDGF BB, PI3K, ↓ PLAU, PTPRF, PVR, RAGE, S100A1, ↑ S100P, SLC12A6, ↓ STMN1, ↓ TGM2 28 11 Cancer, Cellular Movement, Cellular Growth and Proliferation
  1. Biologically relevant network 1 extracted by IPA is shown for ABC-1 cell as a representative. ↑ marks represent upregulated genes and ↓ marks downregulated genes. genes.