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Figure 2

From: BCG strain S4-Jena: An early BCG strain is capable to reduce the proliferation of bladder cancer cells by induction of apoptosis

Figure 2

A: Cell proliferation of T24 cells after infection with BCG S4-Jena and TICE. Proliferation was measured by WST-1. Results are reported as percentage inhibition of cell proliferation, where the optical density value from untreated cells was set as 100% of proliferation. Test was performed eight times by duplicate measurements. B-D: Effects of BCG strain S4-Jena and TICE on the cell membrane in T24 cells using scanning electron microscopy. Untreated T24 cells are showing a normal surface (B). Infection with TICE (C) and S4-Jena (D) strain led to morphological changes in the cells after 12 h.

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