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Table 3 Estrogen Receptor Gene Expression in MCF-10A Cells Under Various Treatment and Culture Conditions

From: Morphologic transformation of human breast epithelial cells MCF-10A: dependence on an oxidative microenvironment and estrogen/epidermal growth factor receptors

Group Culture/Treatment Conditions ERα (Mean Gene Expression) ERβ (Mean Gene Expression)
1 +HC/+EGF; NT 62.75 9.86
  -HC/+EGF (#21); NT 57.98 5.88
2 +HC/+EGF; NT 59.79 15.82
  -HC/-EGF (#1); 1 nM E2 57.48 10.21
3 -HC/-EGF (#1); NT 50.77 a
  -HC/-EGF (#1); 1 nM E2 53.96 a
  1. ER gene expression in MCF-10A cells maintained in and exposed to various culture/treatment conditions was assessed using a human estrogen signaling pathway-specific gene expression profiling system (SuperArray, Inc; Bethesda, MD) as described in the Methods section. Results shown are those of three different experiments comparing two different culture conditions at a time and using 5-10 μg total RNA. MCF-10A cells grown in culture media either containing or lacking HC/EGF were either left non-treated (NT) or treated twice a week with 1 nM E2 for 2 weeks. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of passages in that particular medium type. Mean signal intensity (pixels × 10-4) values from duplicate spots of both ERα and ERβ per membrane were normalized against those of a housekeeping gene and taken to be representative of mean gene expression.
  2. a) Signal too weak to evaluate