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Table 4 Comparison of Progesterone Receptor and Prolactin Gene Expression in 1 nM E2-Treated versus Non-treated MCF-10A -HC/-EGF (#1) Cells

From: Morphologic transformation of human breast epithelial cells MCF-10A: dependence on an oxidative microenvironment and estrogen/epidermal growth factor receptors

Group Gene Gene Expression in
-HC/-EGF (#1) Cells
Gene Expression in
-HC/-EGF (#1) Cells
(1 nM E2)
1 PR 5.17 2.27
2 PRL 0.82 5.52 *
  1. MCF-10A cells maintained in +HC/+EGF medium were grown for 1 passage in -HC/-EGF medium and either left not treated (NT) or were treated twice a week for 2 weeks with 1 nM E2. Gene expression analysis of genes involved in the human estrogen signaling pathway in MCF-10A cells grown under these two treatment conditions were compared using a gene expression profiling system (SuperArray, Inc; Bethesda, MD) as described in the Methods section. Mean signal intensity (pixels × 10-4) values from duplicate spots of each cDNA per membrane were normalized against those of a housekeeping gene and taken to be representative of mean gene expression. Results shown are those of one experiment comparing two different treatment conditions. Significance of differences between expression of PR and PRL genes in MCF-10A -HC/-EGF (1 nM E2) cultures versus expression of their respective controls in MCF-10A -HC/-EGF (NT) cultures was analyzed using one-tailed Student's "t" test assuming unequal variances. *p < 0.05