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Figure 4

From: Activating Transcription Factor 3 regulates in part the enhanced tumour cell cytotoxicity of the histone deacetylase inhibitor M344 and cisplatin in combination

Figure 4

M344 induced ATF3 is mediated through the Integrated Stress Response. A, Western blot analysis for ATF3 and actin in ATF4 (+/-) and (-/-) MEFs treated with solvent control, thapsigargin (1 μM), M344 (1 and 5 μM) for 24 hrs. B, Chromatin Immunoprecipication (ChIP) assay of chromatin/DNA complexes isolated from MCF-7 cells treated with solvent control or M344 (5 μM) for 24 hrs using acetylated Histone 4 (AcH4) antibody and analyzing by PCR for presence of ATF3 or p21 promoter regions.

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