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Figure 4

From: Soluble L1CAM promotes breast cancer cell adhesion and migration in vitro, but not invasion

Figure 4

Increased L1ED expression promotes cell adhesion and transmigration. (A) Plain MDA-MB-468, mock vector- or L1ED-infected cells were seeded into 96-well plates pre-coated with Matrigel™ (grey bar) at 20 μg/mL or fibronectin (black bar) at 10 μg/ml for the cell adhesion assay as described. (B) Cell transmigration assay using different MDA-MB-468 cell types. Shown are representative undersides of membranes stained with crystal violet after transmigration towards fibronectin. Quantitative analysis of cells migrated to the underside of the inserts is summarized in the lower panel. Data are mean ± SEM of three independent experiments, each with triplicate sets. * and #, P < 0.05, vs. mock vector. (C) Cell invasion analysis on Matrigel™ transwell inserts coated on the top side.

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