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Figure 2

From: A cell-permeable dominant-negative survivin protein induces apoptosis and sensitizes prostate cancer cells to TNF-α therapy

Figure 2

dNSurR9-C84A induces cancer cell death. (A) Total lysates of 3D-cultured DU145 and HeLa cells were Western blotted with an anti-survivin antibody which indicated endogenous expression of survivin. Blots were probed with an anti-actin antibody as a control. (B) dNSurR9-C84A induces cancer cell death in a concentration-dependent manner. 3D cultures of DU145 and HeLa cells were treated with dNSurR9-C84A for 36 h and cell viability measured by MTT assay. A statistically significant difference in the viability of cells treated with dNSurR9-C84A versus R9-GST is denoted by "*". *p < 0.05.

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