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Table 4 Methylation status of the Gpx3 promotor region in the rat EAC cell lines.

From: Loss of glutathione peroxidase 3 expression is correlated with epigenetic mechanisms in endometrial adenocarcinoma

   Methylation status
Sample Cell type Methylated Unmethylated
BDII Strain DNA M+/M+  
NUT43 NME   M-/M-
NUT56 NME -------- --------
NUT6 EAC M+/M+  
NUT12 EAC M+/M+  
NUT31 EAC M+/M+  
NUT39 EAC M+/M-  
NUT46 EAC M+/M+  
NUT50 EAC M+/M+  
NUT51 EAC M+/M+  
NUT52 EAC M+/M+  
NUT81 EAC M+/M+  
NUT84 EAC   M-/M-
NUT127 EAC M+/M+  
RUT5 EAC M+/M+  
RUT12 EAC M+/M+  
RUT13 EAC M+/M+  
RUT30 EAC M+/M+  
  1. * M+/M+ diallelic methylation, M+/M- monoallelic methylation,
  2. M-/M- unmethylated, ------ no results available