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Figure 6

From: Antiangiogenic properties of Koetjapic acid, a natural triterpene isolated from Sandoricum koetjaoe Merr

Figure 6

Effects of KA on neovascularization in CAM assay. Effect of KA on neovascularization in chorioallantoic membrane of chick embryo. The embryos were treated for 24 h with (A) 1% ethanol as a negative control, (B) 50 μg/ml and (C) 100 μg/ml. The pictures were captured under dissecting microscope. Arrows indicate the place of agarose discs application. KA inhibited the neovascularisation in a dose-dependent manner by 41.8 ± 7.2% and 64.9 ± 8.7% at 50 and 100 μg respectively. Data presented in mean ± SD.

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