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Figure 4

From: Vitamin K3 and vitamin C alone or in combination induced apoptosis in leukemia cells by a similar oxidative stress signalling mechanism

Figure 4

Vitamin C (VC) alone or in combination with vitamin K3 (VK3: VC) induce simultaneous activation of the transcription factor NF-κB, p53, c-Jun and protease caspase-3 in Jurkat cells. Jurkat cells were exposed to (10 mM) VC (A, C, E, G) and (10 μM) VK3 plus (10 mM) VC (B, D, F, H) for 24 h. After this time of incubation, cells were stained with anti-NF-κB-p65 (A, B), anti-p53 (C, D), anti-c-Jun (E, F) and anti-caspase-3 (G, H) antibodies according to procedure described in Materials and Methods. Notice that NF-κB, p53, c-Jun and caspase-3 (CASP-3) positive-nuclei (dark brown color) reflect their nuclear translocation/activation and appear to correlate with the apoptotic nuclear morphology, i.e. condensed/fragmented nuclei compared with untreated cells (Figure 3 A, C, E, G) or cytoplasmic activation (brown color). Magnification 660x (A-H). Inset Magnification (A: 2000x).

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