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Figure 6

From: Differences in the epigenetic regulation of MT-3 gene expression between parental and Cd+2 or As+3 transformed human urothelial cells

Figure 6

MT-3 promoter (region 1) associated histone modifications in the cell lines after treatment with MS-275. A-D. ChIP-qPCR of acetyl H4, trimethy H3K4, trimethyl H3K9 and trimethyl H3K27 at the MT-3 promoter using primers for region 1. The amplification value of the immunoprecipitated DNA was normalized to percentage of input (non-precipitated DNA). The determinations were performed in triplicates and the results shown are the mean ± SE.*Statistically significant compared to untreated control cells. E. Ethidium bromide stained gel showing the amplification of the histone modifications using semiquantitative PCR.

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