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Figure 3

From: Clathrin-mediated entry and cellular localization of chlorotoxin in human glioma

Figure 3

Cellular localization of TM601-488 and Golgi complex-TX Red (Golgi-Tracker) by direct fluorescence. Images of live cells and cellular localization of TM601-488 (green) in relation to the Golgi-complex-Texas-Red (red) detected by direct fluorescence in NHDF normal human fibroblasts (A), U373 glioma (B), and A549 lung carcinoma (C). The figure shows similar perinuclear localization in the Golgi area of TM601-488 in glioma U373 and lung carcinoma A549, but in NHDF cells, TM601-488 is seen in the cytoplasm away from the Golgi area and outside the cell membrane. The data are representative of n = 9 experiments. Scale bars = 10 μm, magnification 1260 × (A), 630 × (B), 2000 × (C).

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