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Figure 5

From: Clathrin-mediated entry and cellular localization of chlorotoxin in human glioma

Figure 5

Effect of Filipin on uptake of TM601, CholeraToxin and EGF by glioma cells. Images of live U373 glioma cells treated with 1 μg/ml CholeraToxin B-555 (A, D), or 1 μg/ml EGF-TX-Red (B, E), or immunocytochemistry of U373 glioma treated with 10 μM TM601 (C, F) in presence or absence of filipin (5 μg/ml). There was no visible effect of filipin treatment on the level or pattern of staining for TM601, but EGF and cholera toxin staining was affected. Data are representative of total n = 4 - 5 experiments. Scale bars = 10 μm, magnification 1890 ×.

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