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Figure 8

From: Clathrin-mediated entry and cellular localization of chlorotoxin in human glioma

Figure 8

Effect of chlorpromazine or amiloride on TM601 uptake by U373 glioma cells. Western blots of TM601 (10 μM) - treated U373 glioma cells in presence or absence of 300 μM amiloride or 10 μg/ml chlorpromazine (A). Lysates of trypsinized cells were used at 20-25 μg protein. Beta-actin was used as a sample loading control (representative data of n = 3). Chlorpromazine (Chlorp) affected the uptake of TM601 (TM) (A, B) while amiloride had no effect on TM601 level in glioma cells (A). The statistically significant 5 fold (p < 0.005) effect of chlorpromazine is shown on the graph (B). The data represent n = 3 experiments using duplicate samples/per experiment (total of 6 samples).

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