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Figure 4

From: The effect of the histone deacetylase inhibitor M344 on BRCA1 expression in breast and ovarian cancer cells

Figure 4

Analysis of the cytotoxic and apoptotic effects of the combination of M344 and cisplatin inn this cell line panel. A) MTT cell viability assays comparing the responses of a panel of cell lines to 1 μM M344 alone, 2 μg/ml cisplatin alone or both treatments in combination for 48 hrs. Cell viability was assayed with the activity of untreated cells taken to be 100%. Values represent the mean +/- SEM of three separate experiments. Differences between treatment with cisplatin alone versus treatment with the cisplatin and M344 combination were analyzed using paired T-test analyses. * indicates a significant difference where P < 0.001. B) Percentage of apoptotic cells in the A2780s cell line following 24 hrs of treatment and A2780cp cell line following 48 hrs treatment with 1.0 μM M344 alone or in combination with 2 μg/ml cisplatin as assessed by flow cytometry. The experiment was done in three replicates with similar results.

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