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Figure 4

From: Role of hypoxia and glycolysis in the development of multi-drug resistance in human tumor cells and the establishment of an orthotopic multi-drug resistant tumor model in nude mice using hypoxic pre-conditioning

Figure 4

Semi-quantitative Analysis of P-gp, MRP-1, EGFR, and MITO-ATPase. Image J software was used to determine the relative intensity of protein expression. The integrated density of each band was measured; this value was divided by the integrated density of the β-actin protein band to determine the relative intensity. All wild-type, normoxic (WT) cell lines are indicated by checkered green bars, all cell lines exposed to 3-days hypoxia (3HYP) are indicated by diagonal-lined pink bars, all cell lines exposed to 5-days of hypoxia (5HYP) are displayed by blue brick bars, and the established MDR cell line (TR) is displayed as the speckled purple bar (the second bar on each graph). The cell lines are SKOV3 (SK), MDA-MB-231 (231), OVCAR5 (OV), and MDA-MB-435 (435).

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