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Figure 6

From: Expression and shedding of endothelial protein C receptor in prostate cancer cells

Figure 6

Effects of APMA as metalloproteinase activator on thrombin-dependent activation of protein C in prostate cells. Levels of aPC were determined after a 2 hr-incubation period in prostate cells without or with 60 μM APMA exposure. Subsequently, cells were washed and further incubated for 1 h in the presence of 4 μg/ml protein C and 0.12 NIH U thrombin/well. Aliquots of supernatants were transferred into 96-well plates and assayed for aPC generation using chromogenic substrate S-2366. Results are the means ± SDs of analyses in triplicates and are representative of two independent experiments. * p < 0.05 versus controls without APMA.

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