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Figure 3

From: A 6-gene signature identifies four molecular subgroups of neuroblastoma

Figure 3

Hierarchical clustering using a 74 discriminative gene set. A. Unsupervised hierarchal clustering of the Affymetrix HGU95Av2 Wang data set (102 tumour samples in total [28]) by the 74-gene set. The heat map colour scale is based on standard deviations (sd) and ranges from +2 sd (red) to -2 sd (green). The five gene clusters seen are named g1-g5. Status of eight prognostic factors is shown by black and white squares in the lower part: Outcome = Dead of disease; MNA = MYCN amplification; Del = deletion. Black = event, White = No event, Light grey = Not determined. INSS stage is marked as follows: Black = stage 4, dark grey = stage 3. The four hierarchical subgroups seen in the heat map are marked by colour dots: Green = Hierarchical cluster 1 (h1), Orange = h2, Blue = h4, Red = h3, Grey = Human fetal brain. B. PCA plot of the 74-classifier gene-set. Left panel: the four hierarchical clusters colour-coded according to the Hierarchical clustering (see above). Right panel: three INSS stages: Green = stage 1, Blue = stage 3, Red = stage 4, Grey = Human fetal brain. C. Kaplan Meier survival curves of hierarchical clusters (h1-h4) from the Wang data set. OS = Overall survival (n = 92). EFS = Event-free survival (n = 92). Chi-square significance by Log-rank (Mantel-Cox).

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