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Figure 4

From: Paralemmin-1 is over-expressed in estrogen-receptor positive breast cancers

Figure 4

Paralemmin-1 expression in breast epithelial cells is primarily localized to the cell membrane and is more highly expressed in tumor tissue than reduction mammoplasty. Breast tumor TMAs and reduction mammoplasty tissues were prepared, stained, and scored as described in the Methods. Representative images of paralemmin-1 immunoreactivity in reduction mammoplasty tissues (A and B, low and high magnification) show partial staining in terminal duct and acinar ductal epithelial cells. Paralemmin-1 is present in stromal cells and endothelial cells (image B *). In contrast, in tumor tissues (C and D, high magnification) significant immunoreactivity is present in the malignant epithelial cells where the staining is localized to the cell membrane. Scale bar image A 100 micron. Scale bars image B, C, D 50 micron.

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