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Table 1 Breast cell lines examined for paralemmin-1 mRNA and protein expression

From: Paralemmin-1 is over-expressed in estrogen-receptor positive breast cancers

Cell Line Donor Age Pathology ER Paralemmin-1 Expression
     RNA Protein (kDa)
MCF-7 69 IDC Pos medium 65, 55
T47D 54 IDC Pos low 65*
ZR-75-1 47 IDC Pos medium 65*, 55
BT-20 74 IDC Neg1 low 65, 55
TMX2-284 69 IDC Neg high 65, 55
MDA-MB-231 51 Adeno Neg low none
MCF-10A 36 NE Neg medium 65
1842 15-66 NE Neg low none
184A13 15-66 NE Neg low none
184AA23 15-66 NE Neg low none
  1. 1BT-20 cells express ER mRNA, but do not express ER protein; 2Non-tumorigenic mammary cell line from Dr. Martha Stamfer’s Laboratory 3Derivative of 184 cells; 4Derivative of MCF-7 cells IDC: Invasive ductal carcinomas Adeno: Adenocarcinoma; NE: Normal epithelial; Sources:[68]; *indicates a faint band.