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Table 1 Differentially expressed genes evaluated by macroarray in HL60/HOXB1 vs HL60/LXSN

From: HOXB1 restored expression promotes apoptosis and differentiation in the HL60 leukemic cell line

Gene GenBankID Function Ratio HOXB1/LXSN qRT-PCR ratio
BRCA2 U43746 Oncogenes & tumor 0,10  
CCNI D50310 Cell cycle regulators 0,34  
EGR1 X52541 Transcriptional regulators 0,21 0,02
FASN S80437 Fatty acid/Lipid metabolism 0,13 0,25
FBP2 U69126 Hydrolases/carbohydrate biosynthesis 0,50  
MDM2 Z12020 Oncogenes/Apoptosis assoc. proteins 0,31 0,5
OAS1 M11810 NucleotidylTransferases 0,06  
SKY D17517 Protein kinases receptors 0,58  
SOD1 K000454 Antioxidant/Oxidoreductases 0,65 0,7
TNFRSF1A L41690 Growth factor receptors 0,06  
AKAP1 X97335 Mitochondrial targeting of proteins 1,94  
CASP2 U13021 Cysteine proteases/Caspases 1,63 1,4
CCND3 M92287 Cell cycle regulators 4,54  
CDC37 U63131 Cell cycle regulators 7,03  
CRM1 Y08614 Transporter proteins 2,43  
MAPRE1 U24166 Cytoskeleton Regulators 1,62  
EIF3B U78525 Initiation of translation factors 2,49  
ERBB3 M29366 Receptor tyrosine kinases 3,00  
JNK2 L31951 Intracellular kinase network members 1,93  
KPNB1 L38951 Transporter proteins 1,59  
NME1 X17620 Kinases/ Transferases 2,62 1,4
PDCD10 AF022385 Apoptosis-associated proteins 3,50 1,4
PTP4A1 U48296 Protein tyrosine phosphatases 2,00  
RPS5 U14970 Ribosomal proteins 3,00  
SPARC J03040 Matrix-associated proteins 2,85 1,5
ST13 U28918 HSC70-interacting proteins 2,00  
TRAM X63679 Secreted protein translocation 2,55  
  1. Differential gene expression was confirmed by RT-PCR when indicated. The reported ratio indicates the observed fold increase or decrease of the HL60/HOXB1 gene expression over HL60/LXSN. Cut-off value 1,6.