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Table 1 The expression of HERC4 in normal breast tissues and in a series of breast tumors*

From: The expression and clinical significance of HERC4 in breast cancer

  HERC4 protein
  All cases Negative expresion(%) Positive expresion(%)
Normal breast 16 15(93.7) 1(6.3)
Fibroadenoma 13 10(76.9) 3(23.1)
Intraductal carcinoma 15 9(60) 6(40)
Invasive ductal carcinoma 120 54(45) 66(55)
  1. *Values are n (%). A significant increasing frequency of positive expression of HERC4 was detected in fibroadenoma, intraductal carcinoma, and invasive ductal carcinoma compared to adjacent normal breast tissue (P = 0.001, χ2-test).