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Figure 2

From: The mitochondrial C16069T polymorphism, not mitochondrial D310 (D-loop) mononucleotide sequence variations, is associated with bladder cancer

Figure 2

Long range PCR amplification of mtDNA using Phusion Flash high-fidelity PCR Master Mix, Thermo Scientific. A two-step long-range PCR was carried out on the major arc of the mitochondrial genome using the Expand Long Template PCR System to detect mitochondrial deletions. DNA products were separated using a 0.7% agarose gel containing ethidium bromide and viewed under UV light. Lanes 1 and 3: negative control; Lanes 2 and 4: an amplified 11 Kb fragment, indicating no deletions were observed in mtDNA; lane M: 1 kb DNA ladder marker.

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