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Figure 3

From: Independent of ErbB1 gene copy number, EGF stimulates migration but is not associated with cell proliferation in non-small cell lung cancer

Figure 3

Detection of the EGFR cellular distribution after EGF stimulation. (A) Cells were cultured in medium containing 10% FCS and treated with EGF (100 ng/ml) for one hour. EGFR (green) was detected in small and numerous vesicle-like agglomerates dispersed in the cytoplasm and in clusters near the nuclei. The Golgi apparatus was detected using an antibody against golgin (red), and the nuclei were stained with DAPI. (B) The histograms were generated using the profile display mode tool of LSM 510 version 3.2 software. The co-localization was examined along a trace in a set of combined images. Some vesicle-like structures containing EGFR were co-localized with the Golgi apparatus label. (see also Additional file 1: Figure S1).

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