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Figure 7

From: Independent of ErbB1 gene copy number, EGF stimulates migration but is not associated with cell proliferation in non-small cell lung cancer

Figure 7

Evaluation of the effects of EGF on cell morphology. The control cells (A/A’: C10%FCS, B/B’: C2.5%FCS) were organized into clusters with cell-cell junctions. The EGF (100 ng/ml)-stimulated cells (C/C’: 10%FCS + EGF, D/D’: 2.5%FCS + EGF) manifested fewer adhesions to the surrounding cells, alterations in the organization of actin microfilaments and cytoplasmic protrusions. These alterations induced by EGF were not identified in the cells treated with AG1478 (E/E’: 2.5%FCS + AG1478 + EGF, F/F’: 2.5%FCS + AG1478).

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