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Figure 2

From: MiR-145 inhibits oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) cell growth by targeting c-Myc and Cdk6

Figure 2

MiR-145 inhibits OSCC cell growth. (A) Restoration of MiR-145 expression in Tca8113 cells was evidenced by RT-qPCR. SnRNA U6 was used as a normalized control. ***, P <0.001. (B) MiR-145 significantly inhibited cell proliferation in Tca8113 cells. *, P <0.05; **, P <0.01. The effect of miR-145 on cell growth was further confirmed by colony formation (C) and anchorage independent growth assays (D). Left panel showed the representative image of colony formation in Tca8113 cells transfected with miR-145 mimics and miRNA control. Quantitative analysis of colony numbers is shown in the right panel. Details are described in the Materials and Methods. Data are presented as mean ± SD of values from three different assays. *, P <0.05; **, P <0.01.

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