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Table 2 CD20 polymorphisms in 164 Chinese people with DLBCL

From: Single nucleotide polymorphisms of CD20 gene and their relationship with clinical efficacy of R-CHOP in patients with diffuse large B cell lymphoma

Nucleotide change* Effect on protein location Ref
c.111G > C p.L37L Exon1 rs200805059
c.208C > T p.L70L Exon2 rs79703274
c.216C > T p.I72I Exon2 rs2070770
  1. Abbreviations: G Guanine, C Cytosine, T Thymine, L Leu, leucine, I:Ile isoleucine.
  2. * Position in CD20 cDNA is according to Reference Sequence: NM_021950.3. The mutation nomenelature follows the instructions provided by the HGVS ( The DNA polymorphisms numbering is based on cDNA sequence with +1 corresponding to the A of the ATG translation initiation codon.