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Figure 3

From: Abnormal expression of CDK11p58 in prostate cancer

Figure 3

CDK11p58inhibited the metastasis of LNCap cells. (A) LNCap cells and PC3 cells were transfected with pcDNA3.0 or CDK11p58. Six hrs after transfection, a wound was stimulated by a pipette tip. Migration was monitored for 12 hrs. The distance was measured by phase-contrast microscopy. The data below were shown as mean ± SEM of the distances in n > 5 separate experiments areas. (B) LNCap cells were transfected with CDK11p58 and its mutants. Six hrs after transfection, transwell assay was carried on as described above. Crystal violet dye staining of LNCap cells that invased in the transwell assays was shown. The bottom data were shown as mean ± SEM of the number of cells invasion in n > 5 separate areas. * P < 0.05 versus vector controls.

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