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Figure 1

From: Mitochondrial structure alteration in human prostate cancer cells upon initial interaction with a chemopreventive agent phenethyl isothiocyanate

Figure 1

Alteration of mitochondria structure by PEITC. Alteration of cellular fine structure in human prostate cancer cells LNCaP exposed to PEITC. LNCaP cells without or with the exposure to PEITC at 8 μM were examined by transmission electron microscopy at 4 and 18 hours. Frame A and A’ show the control cells without the PEITC. Frames B-B’ and C-C’ depicted respectively the PEITC-exposed cells for 4 and 18 hours. Mit: mitochondria; G: Golgi; Nu: nucleus; RER: rough endoplamic reticulum; SER: smooth endoplasmic reticulum; Cr: cristae; and Vac: vacuoles. Bar in A = 0.5 μm, valid for B and C. Bar in A’ = 0.5 μm, valid for B’ and C’.

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