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Figure 1

From: Novaferon, a novel recombinant protein produced by DNA-shuffling of IFN-α, shows antitumor effect in vitro and in vivo

Figure 1

Sequence, molecular weight and purity of Nova. (A) Sequence alignment between IFN-α2b (upper line) and Nova (lower line); (B) SDS-PAGE separation result (stained with Commassie Brilliant Blue R-250): Lane 1, marker; Lane 2, rhIFN-α2b (Reduction), 17.51 KD; Lane 3, Nova (reduction), 19.06 KD; Lane 4, Blank; Lane 5: rhIFN-α2b (Non-reducing, 100%); Lane 6, Nova (Non-reducing, 100%); (C) Size-exclusion high performance liquid chromatography analysis result, arrow indicated the Nova.

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