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Table 2 Perpendicular components of background time-varying and static magnetic fields measured at location of sample holders

From: Possible attenuation of the G2 DNA damage cell cycle checkpoint in HeLa cells by extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields

Component of System Active (Yes/No) Time-Varying Field Static Field
coils A,B no 3nT 50.3 μT
coils C,D no 3nT 45.6 μT
Amplifier and Signal Generator no   
coils A,B no 3nT  
coils C,D no 3nT  
Amplifier and Signal Generator yes   
coils A,B yes 2mT*  
coils C,D no 0.38 μT*  
Amplifier and Signal Generator yes   
  1. * With alternate Helmholtz pairs active the background time-varying field in the non-active coils was found to be 0.38 μT.