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Table 1 Inhibiting effect of red microalgal polysaccharides on formation of foci by MuSV-124 and on virus production, as measured by reverse transcriptase (RT) activity

From: Anti-viral activity of red microalgal polysaccharides against retroviruses

Algal polysaccharide Virus ffu50 protection (μg/ml) RT50 reduction (μg/ml)
Porphyridium sp. MuSV-124 10 -
  MuSV/MuLV - 5
P. aerugineum MuSV-124 500 -
  MuSV/MuLV - 200
Rhodella reticulata MuSV-124 150 -
  MuSV/MuLV - 50
  1. NIH/3T3 cells were infected with MuSV-124 or MuSV/MuLV in the presence of various concentrations of algal polysaccharides. ffu50 protection and RT50 reduction represent the concentration of polysaccharide that offers 50% protection against the formation of foci of malignant cells and 50% reduction of RT activity, respectively. Data represent mean values of five separate experiments.