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Table 2 Change in body weight (g) at two weeks and at six weeks from the start of dietary intervention with AIN·76 formula ± supplementation with 2000 IU/kg of dry food with synthetic vitamin E (mean ± SE, number of mice in parenthesis).

From: High dietary level of synthetic vitamin E on lipid peroxidation, membrane fatty acid composition and cytotoxicity in breast cancer xenograft and in mouse host tissue

Vitamin E supplement Two weeks Six weeks
- 0.38 ± 0.30 (15) -0.25 ± 0.53 (8)
+ 0.22 ± 0.22 (17) -0.16 ± 0.29 (5)
  1. No significant difference due to supplement at two or six weeks Weight loss at six weeks attributed to growing tumor.