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Table 1 Genes and their accession number in Genbank

From: Responses of genes involved in cell cycle control to diverse DNA damaging chemicals in human lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells

Genes Access. No Genes Access. No
Group 1   Group 4  
Waf U03106 CDC25C M34065
TGF-beta AB000584 CENPf U30872
Bax-delt U19599 NEK2 Z2906
Bax-alpha L22473 BUB1 AF053305
MDM2-D U33202 BUB1B AF053306
MMD2-A U33199 TTK M86699
MDM2-E U33203   
Group 2   Group 5  
Cyclin D1 M64349 CDC34 L22005
CDK4 U37022 CDC45L AJ223728
Cyclin E M74093 MCM2 D21063
E2F M96577 MCM6 D84557
DP1 L23959 MCM7 D55716
Rb M15400 MCM8 D55083
Group 3   Group 6  
BIRC3 U75285 CYP11A M14565
CCNB1 M25753 CYP1A1 X02612
CCNA2 X51688 CYP1B1 U03688
CDKN3 L25876 CYP24 L13286
HSCDC6 U77949 CYP2A7 M33317
MYT1 U56816 CYP2B6 M29874
   CYP4B1 J02871
   CYP51 U23942
  1. Group 1: P53 target genes; group 2: genes involved in G1/S transition; group 3: genes involved in G2/M phase transition; group 4: genes involved in mitosis; group 5: genes involved in DNA replication initiation; group 6: CYP genes.