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Table 1 Gene locus and tissue distribution of ABC transporters

From: ABC transporters as multidrug resistance mechanisms and the development of chemosensitizers for their reversal

Name Alternate name Gene locus Tissue distribution
MDR1 ABCB1, P-GP 7q36 [9] Gut (apical membrane), liver (canalicular membrane), kindey (apical membrane of epithelial cells of proximal tubule), blood brain barrier (luminal membrane of endothelial cells), testis (endothelial cells of capillary), placenta (trophoblast)
MRP1 ABCC1 16p13.1 [6] Many tissues (brain etc)
MRP2 ABCC2, cMOAT 10q24 [10] Liver, gut, kidney, placenta
MRP3 ABCC3 17q21.3 [11] Liver, gut, adrenal cortex, placenta
MRP4 ABCC4 13q32 [11] Many tissues
MRP5 ABCC5 3q27 [11] Many tissues(brain etc)
MRP6 ABCC6 16p13.1 [12] Liver, kidney
MRP7 ABCC10 6p12-21 [13] Many tissues
MRP8 ABCC11 16q12.1 [14] Breast, testes
BCRP ABCG2, MXR1, ABCP 4q22 [15] Placenta (syncytiotrophoblasts), intestine (epithelium), liver (canalicular membrane), breast (ducts and lobules), endometrium (vein and capillary but not artery), gut