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Figure 1

From: Modulation by decitabine of gene expression and growth of osteosarcoma U2OS cells in vitro and in xenografts: Identification of apoptotic genes as targets for demethylation

Figure 1

Viability and growth kinetics of U2OS in vitro. A), Growth curves of U2OS cells with growth medium alone (dark line), or growth medium with one dose of decitabine at a final concentration of 1 μM (light graph). The y-axis indicates cell number in millions and the x-axis indicates time points in days. The results are expressed as cell counts at each corresponding time point. Each data point is the Mean of cell counts from 2 experiments (5 passages apart) each consist of 2 independent cultures and the error bars indicate the standard deviation. The findings indicate a slight increase of U2OS cells' doubling time and a decrease of 18% (p = 0.045) in the viability of treated cells compared to untreated control B), Cell death in U2OS cells caused by decitabine treatment at 1 μM concentration (light column) compared to no-treatment (dark column). The results are expressed as percentage of cell death (fraction of cells with positive PI stain). The y-axis indicates the percentage of cells with PI staining (dead cells). Each column is the Mean of 3 experiments with error bars indicating standard deviation. The asterisk indicates significant increase in cell death (p < 0.05) as a result of decitabine treatment.

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