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Figure 4

From: Modulation by decitabine of gene expression and growth of osteosarcoma U2OS cells in vitro and in xenografts: Identification of apoptotic genes as targets for demethylation

Figure 4

Real-time gene expression of 6 pro-apoptotic genes U2OS in vitro & in vivo and normal osteoblasts. Total RNA was extracted from U2OS cells in vitro and in vivo and reverse-transcribed as detailed in methods. TaqMan assays were used to determine relative expression using the cDNA from control (no treatment) as base lines and ACTB for a reference gene by applying the ΔΔCt method. Each column is the Mean of three replicas and error bars indicate standard deviation from the Mean. The data is expressed as fold change relative to control (no-treatment). Xeno-4, Xeno-5, and Xeno-6 = decitabine treated xenografts. NHOst = normal human osteoblasts.

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