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Figure 3

From: Combination of tunicamycin with anticancer drugs synergistically enhances their toxicity in multidrug-resistant human ovarian cystadenocarcinoma cells

Figure 3

The effects of TM on drug cytotoxicity in UWOV2 ovarian carcinoma cells. Cells were seeded at a density of 3 × 103 cells/well in octuplicate wells and allowed to attach and grow for 48–72h. Cells were were exposed to TM, drug, or to drug in combination with a fixed concentration of 5 μg/ml TM for a further 72h after which cell survival was determined by the MTT assay. A, DXR; B, EXR; C, VCR; D, CDDP. Data points are connected by non-linear regression lines of the sigmoidal dose-response relation. Values are means ± SEM for 3 experiments (n = 8 for each experiment).

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