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Table 2 Effect of fish oil on DMBA-induced palpable mammary tumors in rats after 35 weeks

From: Protective role of fish oil (Maxepa) on early events of rat mammary carcinogenesis by modulation of DNA-protein crosslinks, cell proliferation and p53 expression

Group No. of rats with tumorsa per total rats Tumor incidence (%) Total no. of tumors Tumor Size (mm3)
     <2 >2–<5
B 9/10 90 61 22 39
C 6/10 60b 32c 11 21
  1. aPalpable tumors confirmed as adenocarcinomas by histopathology.
  2. bSignificantly different from group B by Fischer's exact probability test (P < 0.05).
  3. cSignificantly different from group B by Student's t-test (P < 0.01).