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Table 2 Summary of results from Weka, gene function analysis and TDT analysis.

From: Gene expression profiling predicts a three-gene expression signature of endometrial adenocarcinoma in a rat model

Gene Weka Gene function analysis TDT Analysis
Col1a1   x (4)  
Gpx3 x x (1)  
Acta1   x (3)  
Serpine1   x (3)  
Tgfb3   x (8) x
Wfdc1   x (1)  
Bgn x x (1)  
Tgfb1i1   x (2)  
Sparc   x (1)  
Lox   x (2)  
Thy1   x (10)  
Csrp1   x (1)  
Bnip3l   x (5)  
  1. *The numbers within the parentheses denote the frequency of cellular functions the gene is involved in.