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Figure 3

From: Acetoacetate reduces growth and ATP concentration in cancer cell lines which over-express uncoupling protein 2

Figure 3

(A): The effect of adding acetoacetate to glucose medium on ATP concentration and cell growth. ATP and cell growth are both expressed as a percent of the respective values obtained at 96 h in 10 mM glucose (only) medium. M64 and M65 represent MCH 064 and MCH 065 cell lines, respectively. (B) The relation of cell growth to ATP concentration. Normal fibroblast controls RFP3, MCH 064 and 065 (in top right oval) demonstrate neither growth inhibition nor reduced ATP. All other data points represent seven cancer cell lines of Table 1 with parallel reduction in ATP and cell growth as also see in 3A. Regression equation plots growth (g) vs. ATP concentration (a) in blue in lower right of figure (p < 0.01). Data are from Table 1.

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