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Figure 1

From: Bioluminescence imaging reveals inhibition of tumor cell proliferation by Alzheimer's amyloid β protein

Figure 1

Quantification of MDA-MB231-L, B16F-L and U87-L cell proliferation by bioluminescent imaging (BLI) assay. MDA-MB231-L (A), B16F-L (B) and U87-L (C) cells in 100 μL media were seeded into a 96 well plate by serial dilutions from 51,200 cells to 50 cells per well. The plate was imaged using the IVIS system (2 min, 8 bin, and level B/FOV 15 × 15 cm) at 10 minutes after the addition of luciferin to final concentration of 150 μg/mL. Medium without luciferin was served as a negative control. A linear correlation between cell number and bioluminescent signal was obtained.

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