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Figure 3

From: The human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Vpr protein and its carboxy-terminally truncated form induce apoptosis in tumor cells

Figure 3

Vpr and C81 induce apoptosis increased caspase-9 activity. HeLa, HepG2, and 293 T cells were transfected with pME18Neo encoding Flag-tagged wild-type Vpr or C81, or the control pME18Neo-Flag, together with pSV-β-galactosidase before treatment with (filled columns) or without (open columns) a caspase-8 or caspase-9 inhibitor. At 30 h (293 T), 36 h (HeLa), or 48 h (HepG2), post-transfection, caspase-8 or caspase-9 activity was measured and normalized to the β-galactosidase activity. Columns and error bars represent the mean ± SD of measurements from three samples.

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