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Figure 1

From: Abnormal expression, localization and interaction of canonical transient receptor potential ion channels in human breast cancer cell lines and tissues: a potential target for breast cancer diagnosis and therapy

Figure 1

Expression of TRPC mRNA in breast cancer biopsy tissue. (A) PCR amplification with TRPC subtype specific primers of cDNA prepared from breast biopsy tissue (normal [-], tumour [+] and negative control [c]). The PCR reactions were separated on an agarose gel. Molecular weight markers in base pairs are shown to the right of the gels. As a control for the integrity of each cDNA sample β-actin was also analysed. (B) Relative expression of TRPC subtype specific mRNA in cDNA prepared from normal and tumour breast biopsy tissue. All data normalized to TRPC6 expression in sample 4.

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