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Figure 3

From: Resistance to cisplatin does not affect sensitivity of human ovarian cancer cell lines to mifepristone cytotoxicity

Figure 3

Growth inhibition and lethality of mifepristone towards OV2008, OV2008/C13, A2780 and A2780/CP70 cells. Cells were cultured in the presence of the indicated concentrations of mifepristone for 72 h. (A) and (C), the total number of cells was recorded at the beginning of the experiment and after the 3 days of treatment. The difference between number of cells in vehicle-treated controls at 0 h and after 3 days of culture was considered to be 100%. The growth of the treated groups is expressed as percentage of control. The experiment was repeated three times with different cell line passages to calculate the IC50 (see Table 1 for averaged data). Depicted are representative experiments. (B) and (D), after treatment, viability was assessed by microcapillary cytometry. Results are the average of triplicate counts ± SEM. p < 0.001 vs. control (0 μM mifepristone) for the respective cell line.

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