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Table 1 rhArg1 was reacted with five different PEGs, varying in linker chemistry.

From: Pegylated derivatives of recombinant human arginase (rhArg1) for sustained in vivo activity in cancer therapy: preparation, characterization and analysis of their pharmacodynamics in vivo and in vitro and action upon hepatocellular carcinoma cell (HCC)

Type of PEG used for pegylation rhArg1: PEG ratio (mol/mol) for pegylation Relative arginase activity (%)
Native rhArg1 --- 100
mPEG-SPA 1:20 94
  1:50 93
mPEG-NHS 1:20 86
  1:50 83
mPEG-MAL 1:20 85
  1:50 84
mPEG-ALD 1:20 88
  1:50 88
mPEG-CN 1:20 34
  1:50 30
  1. Different forms of pegylated rhArg1 were prepared, purified and analyzed for their specific activities. Relative arginase activity indicates the specific activity of pegylated rhArg1 with respect to native rhArg1.