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Figure 1

From: The small molecule NSC676914A is cytotoxic and differentially affects NFκB signaling in ovarian cancer cells and HEK293 cells

Figure 1

NSC676914A shows differential toxicity to NCI-60 cancer lines. (A) Growth inhibition of NCI-60 cancer cell lines after exposure to NSC676914A. NCI-60 cancer panel cells are plated for 24 h prior to addition of compound. Cells are then incubated for an additional 48 h and cell number estimated by Sulforhodamine B staining as described. (B) GI50 is the calculated micromolar concentration resulting in 50% reduction in the measured protein at the end of drug treatment compared to that at the beginning. The median log GI50 for NSC676914A over all cell lines was −5.91.

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