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Figure 2

From: The small molecule NSC676914A is cytotoxic and differentially affects NFκB signaling in ovarian cancer cells and HEK293 cells

Figure 2

NSC676914A inhibits HEK293 and ovarian cancer cell proliferation. (A) Proliferation of HEK293 and a panel of ovarian cancer cell lines after 72 h treatment with varying concentrations of NSC676914A. Cell viability was assessed by XTT assay as described and reported as percent untreated control. Data are representative of 3 experiments. (B) Viability of 3 human lymphoma lines (open markers) sensitive to NFκB inhibition, and 3 resistant lymphoma lines (closed markers) after 72 h treatment with IKKβ inhibitor. (C) Viability of ovarian cancer cell lines after 72 h exposure to NSC676914A. (D) Proliferation of the same panel of ovarian lines in (A), plus above described lymphoma lines after treatment with the inactive NSC676914A unsulfated alcohol analog.

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